Create a brand new wedding e-mail account.

Keep your personal email account spam-free by creating a separate wedding e-mail account that can be used specifically for your wedding related communications. This will allow you to request more Information from various wedding vendors without risking your personal privacy. You can also use this email account for your contact Information when you enter wedding contests or promotional drawings. Some couples even use this email address to for their wedding RSVPs. A good tip is to reserve your main e-mail address for vendors you actually contract with.

Pre-register for the show and save time and money.

Most bridal shows will allow you to pre-register for the event well in advance to the actual date of the show. This helps the show get a rough estimate of the number of visitors that plan on attending. Not only does pre-registering allow you to save time from having to fill out all your information at the entrance, but there’s probably a good chance that you can take advantage of discounted ticket prices and early-bird contest drawings.

Have a game plan

You will have a limited amount of time, during the bridal show, to visit an overwhelming amount of vendors that could help you on your special day. Before attending the show, make a quick list of the wedding services you need, and an estimated budget for each of them. Having an idea of what wedding services you need and an estimated budget for each of them will help determine which vendors are within your price range and worth spending your time having a conversation with.

Bring your own bag to the show

One thing that is for certain is you will be leaving with a lot of brochures, pamphlets, business cards and promotional information. All of that information can get heavy, so bringing your own bag or carry-all to help tote everything around can be a life-saver.

Bring your date book, calendar, or digital planner

Trying to remember all those venue open house dates or planning a follow-up tasting or meeting with a potential vendor will surely be easier if you can quickly glance at your immediate availability. Come prepared with your calendar and with a good idea of your existing schedule.

Bring a digital camera

With so many vendors presenting in one area, it’s easy for them to all begin to blend together throughout the day. Help yourself remember all of the decorations and ideas that caught your eye by simply taking a quick photograph while roaming the show.

Bring a friend

Share this exciting time by bringing along either a friend, your fiancé, your mom, future mother in law or bridesmaids, with you to the bridal show. You can surely use the extra help carrying all the information you receive, plus, it’s always nice to have a second opinion. Also, when entering for a giveaway, they’ll be able to add their names too so your group has a greater chance of winning a prize.

Take a Pen

As you collect business cards or information pieces you can make a star on the ones you like, so you can remember who’s who when you get home and you can also easily write down the actual names of the vendors you chatted with.

Bring color samples and swatches

It’s easier to coordinate accessories for the bridal party or match the colors of your flower arrangements with wedding cake decor if you bring sample color swatches for vendors to see and make suggestions.

Hot Tip: Keep in mind, the floral arrangements you see in the fall may be quite expensive when it comes to availability in the early spring wedding. So ask questions!

Wear comfortable shoes

The last thing you’ll want to worry about during all the excitement and buzz of the bridal show is how much your feet hurt from all of your walking around. Wearing comfortable shoes should be mandatory.

After The Show

Organize your new found information ASAP

Do yourself a favor and  organize all the pamphlets and literature you received from the bridal show as soon as you can.Having a huge stack of papers you haven’t gone through can loom over you and create a sense of not being organized.

Follow up with vendors you like quickly

Remember, good vendors book up fast and your show-favorite could book up if you don’t act. If you find a vendor you like, make sure he/she knows it and get the communications going. Attending a bridal show is an adventure that every soon-to-be-married bride or couple should experience. It’s a great feeling to know there are people in your local area that are dedicated to making your wedding day as special as it can be and understand the stress and time it takes to arrange all the details. Good luck finding those great deals and don’t forget to use these show tips to make attending a bridal show a more pleasurable and stress-free experience.